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Create a new application


  • Create a new application
  • Create a new table in your application and add fields to it.
  • Add data to the table.

Estimated Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Skill level: Beginner

To begin, we’ll create a new application, including a new table for storing data.

* Follow these steps to create your new application and table:

  1. Log on to the DataWeb in a new browser window. If you haven't yet registered for a Developer account, sign up now.
  2. Click the My Applications tab to navigate to the page that shows your web applications.

    A field's data type describes the kind of data that the field can hold. Common data types include Text, Date, Integer, Decimal, and HTML. 

  3. From the My Applications page, click Create New Application.
  4. Select Build an application from scratch or from an existing database and click Next.
  5. Choose a name for your new application, and click Create Application. Note that each web application must have a unique name, so if the name you choose has already been taken by someone else, try a variation.
  6. Select a theme and click Next. The theme provides a basic color scheme for your application, which you can modify later.
  7. Select Create a new table and click Next. The table that you create will store information about books read by the Fremont Book Club.
  8. Next, add some fields to your new table. You will choose some predefined fields and also specify some custom fields.

    First, select the following predefined fields:
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • Title

    Click the Custom Fields tab and enter the following field name, data type, and caption, then click Next:
    • DiscussionDate; Date; Discussion Date

  9. Name this table Books, and click Create Table.
  10. Select Browse Application and click Next.
At this point, we've created a simple web application with a Home tab and a Books tab. However, we haven't yet entered any data into the Books table. To enter some data, click on the Books tab, and click the Insert button. You'll see a form for inserting a new record. Enter three new records, one for each row of the following table:

In the next section, we'll view our new application in the DataWeb Designer.

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