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  How to setup file upload
  Josh_Fulleton posted this script:
  (Example from a HelpDesk application where a user will upload a screenshot)

1. Click on TICKET Folder at File  Directory inside TICKET Folder four files are present i.e., default.view, TicketFrame.view and  TicketInput.view.

2. Click on file then at Designer Tab we can see three tab i,e design, script and preview (default) , click on design tab.

3. In design tab we can see that all field with there data type and caption name.

4. Now see Attach_File field here we can see that the data type of Attach_File is LongText but here we want Attach_File data type as URL to solve this problem.

5. Click on Delete Fields Button then select Attach_File click on Next then click on Delete Button.

6. Now click on Add Fields Button to add new data field for Attach_File then click on Custom Fields Insert Field Name Attach_File Change DATA TYPE as URL and click on Finish Button

7. Click on TICKET folder then select TicketInput.view file.

8. Click on source tab at Designer Tab, Now we can see code of TicketInput.view file

9. To add the upload screenshot function, add the following bit of code to the section where the Attach_File field is located;

<ws:field name="Attach_File" format="link" displaymodes="details,insert" editmodes="insert">
<ws:caption>Attach Screenshot</ws:caption>
<ws:input type="file" delete_caption="Delete Existing File: (#record.Attach_File#)" /></ws:field>
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