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  Filter with an alphabetical list
  chubbard posted this script:
  This function writes out each letter of the alphabet, A to Z, and writes a link for each one that filters on a value starting with that letter. You can call it from within a view. Pass in the URL for the link (usually the same view) for the szViewUrl argument. For the szFilterField argument, pass in the name of a text field in your view.

webcall function outputAlphaLinks(szViewUrl, szFilterField)
    //we need to know which field we're filtering on
        throw(Error(Errors.GeneralFailure, "Filter field must be provided."));

    //if there's no url provided, just append the filter parameter.
        szViewUrl = "?";
    //if there is a url provided, determine whether it has any parameters.
        var aURLPart = szViewUrl.split("?");
        //Append the filter parameter, either to the url or to the parameter list.
            szViewUrl += "?";
            szViewUrl += "&";

    //loop through the upper-case ASCII characters
    for(var i = 65; i < 91; i++)
        //output each letter with a link filtering on that letter.
        <a href="<%=szViewURL + szFilterField + "~startswith="
            + String.fromCharCode(i)%>">

Here's an example that calls the function from within a view on a Products table:
var c = classes.import("/");
c.outputAlphaLinks("/Products/default.view?_mode=grid", "ProductName");
<ws:dataregion defaultmode="grid" actionbarposition="bottom" jumpbarposition="top">
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