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  Simple Property Manager
  chubbard posted this script:
  These two scripts enable simple property persitance with name-value pairs.  They rely on a table named Settings with two fields, PropName (text) and PropData (text).  They are run with staff permissions because users generally don't have direct access to the Settings table. 

// Sets a property in the settings table, creates it if doesn't already exist
public asStaff function setProp(InPropName, InPropData)

  var rs ="Settings", "*", {PropName:InPropName});
  if ( == true)
    table.update("Settings", {PropData:InPropData}, rs.RowID);
    } else {
    table.insert("Settings", {PropName:InPropName, PropData:InPropData});

// Gets the value of a property from the settings table
// returns null if property doesn't exist
public asStaff function getProp(InPropName)
  var rs ="Settings", "*", {PropName:InPropName});
  if ( == true)
    return rs.PropData;
    } else  {
    return null;

// initialize a PageCounter property to 0
setProp("PageCounter", "0");

// in a view, increment and display the new page counter

var util = classes.import("");  // import the script library with the prop mgr
util.setProp("PageCounter", (number(getProp("PageCounter")) + 1)); 
response.write("Page Views: " + util.getProp("PageCounter"));
  on 2001-03-28 05:45:35, chubbard responded:
  This is cool - one of those tools you didn't realize you needed until you saw it.  I'm off to remove a bunch of hard coded constants from my web...  
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