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limit who can delete records
geoffk asked:
I have a table that only administrators should be able to delete records on.

How do I do this?
I  can hide the delete button but and add some stuff in the ondelete action.
Would this be enough? How do I hide the record selectors for non-admins?
  brendanx responded:
  As you point out, the crucial step is, of course, the BeforeDelete handler that actually makes it impossible for non-Administrators to delete records no matter what the view formatting.

On hiding the record selectors, it looks like the 'recordselectors' attribute on the 'ws:dataregion' tag accepts #-substitution, so I think the following would achieve your desired result:

<ws:dataregion ... recordselectors="#User.isAdmin()#">

Because the property page UI for this attribute is normally a checkbox, you will have to use the source editor to make the above modification.
  geoffk responded:
  brendanx responded:
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