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Sorting by HTML fields in grid view.
KevinNicholls asked:
Can someone give me the script code to put into the "Link to page" property of an HTML grid caption that makes it behave consistently with the other sortable captions?  I want this HTML caption to sort by [DealRating] (another field on the grid that I have chosen to hide).

Thanks in advance,

  brendanx responded:
  That would be:
  KevinNicholls responded:
  Thanks Brandan - but I think there is an undeclared variable ("str").

The script throws an error in the folowing section:

        var arrSort = strSort.split(",");
        if (arrSort[0] == str)
            strSort = "-" + str;
        else if (arrSort[0] == "-" + str)
            strSort = str;
            strSort = str + "," + arrSort[0];
I assume that "str" is actually "strSort"?
  KevinNicholls responded:
  I mean str == strField.  
  brendanx responded:
  Thanks.  You are right.  I just posted the fix you suggest back to the script library.  Guess I must have tried to clean it up a bit, and then forgot to re-test the code.  
  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
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