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Security Role
broadcom asked:
What role should I use to allow editing to all records but no insert and delete function?

  dougl responded:
  No out-of-the-box role specifically defines this behavior. However, you can restrict the behavior of your users by customizing the displayroles of elements on your views.

For example..
You have a team of editors who are members of your web. If you create a view that only displays your data in grid, update, and insert modes. You can remove all links to delete records, as well.

To prevent users in this group from ever inserting or deleting records from this table, you can write a script that runs before the data is inserted/deleted. Users in this group will fail any attempts to insert or delete from anywhere within your web.

An example:

function Data_BeforeInsert(record, previous)
    prevent users in who do not have Design permission
   on this table from Inserting records

if( !user.hasPermission( User.perm_Design, "thisTableName" ) ) {
     script.log( + " attempted to insert" );
     return false;

  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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