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anonymous users asked to logon
ehott asked:

My site should allow anonymous users to view the entire site without logging on. I modified Themes/template.view and /default.view to remove the logon box as advised in another discussion. I have changed the security level for the root folder to grant anonymous users Reader level privileges (they can read records and browse files).

Most visitors can view the site. However, I have two users that claim they only get a screen asking for a username & password (I suspect it is the standard Westside logon screen but I haven't seen what they see). One is coming through AOL. The other through Earthlink.

At first I thought maybe they were using old browsers that somehow were reaching the logon script that I had commented out in /default.view, so I removed the relevant code completely (instead of just commenting it out) but that didn't change anything. They still are asked for a username and password.

[In typing this I now realize that I didn't remove the /Themes/template.view stuff I had commented out and will go back and do that now. I'm going ahead and posting this note because it may take a couple of hours for my users to confirm whether this change makes and difference and it's Friday afternoon and I don't know whether anyone will be around over the weekend to look at this problem. Sorry for the inefficiency and paranoia.]

The only other explanation for this behavior I can imagine is that these ISPs have cached old versions of my page(s). I only removed the security on Monday, but I'd be surprised if that is the case.

Any other ideas what could cause this behavior? Thanks. Ed
  ehott responded:
  Upon further examination of my /Themes/template.view file, I'm not going to make any changes to that. I don't think the stuff I originally commented out would have any bearing on this problem.  
  brendanx responded:
  Can you have them send you the following:
(1) Browser information (name and version)
(2) URL that appears in the browser's Address control.
(3) The source of the page in question (View/Source).

Then you can pass that along to me at brendanx.

  tamram responded:
  I just took a look at your site as an anonymous user. I can see it just fine, and I'm not prompted to log on. And I don't see any form (commented out or otherwise) in the resulting HTML. It sounds like your two users may be seeing a cached page. Try suggesting to them that they explicitly refresh the page.  
  Adam responded:
  You might also check that they are going to the root of the web and don't have a saved shortcut to a page that requires access.  We all got to just fine, but if you had a private subdirectory or someone tried to access, they'd be prompted for log on information.  
  ehott responded:
  Thanks for the responses. I'll try to dig up the information requested above, but these are both relatively novice surfers so my chances of getting all that info is only so-so (even after I write out step-by-step instructions).

I'll also ask them to explicity refresh the page. I don't know the AOL browser at all. Is AOL still using their own browser or OEMing from someone else. Does that browser have a refresh button on it?

Thanks, Ed
  Adam responded:
  Looks like AOL uses a modified version of MS Internet Explorer.  They have a "reload" button on the address/button bar.  
  ehott responded:
  My AOL user can now access the site without problem. I suspect it was a cache problem after all. My Earthlink user hasn't gotten back to me concerning whether she is still having problems. Thanks for the ideas. -Ed  
  brendanx responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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