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Shouldn't value of linked parent field automatically be inserted with a new child record?
KevinNicholls asked:
If I am working in a view that has a parent data region and a child data region (linked by ParentID), and I allow the ability to insert a new child in this view, shouldn't the linked field (ParentID) be inserted with the rest of the child data for the record? (It looks like it isn't).

If I have to write a table script, I assume I use the BeforeInsert script of the child table and set the value of ParentID.  My question now is, how do I access the ParentID from this script?
  dougl responded:
  I believe that if you:

1. include both fields (parent and child link fields) in their respective dataregions

2. declare the relationship in the "Show Fields Where This Field" (joinfield) and "Matches This Field"(joinfieldparent) properties of the child dataregion

the relationship should be created automatically.
  edl responded:
  you might want to also double check:

-that the child dataregion is actually nested within the parent.

-that the lookup field to the parent is actually included in the child dataregion.  Even though you can set it to not display, it needs to be within the child dataregion.
  brendanx responded:
  And by the way, we understand that requirement 2 in ed's response is a pitfall in the feature.  It is likely we will just do this for you in "a future release".  
  brendanx responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
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