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(More)How do I show just one record when clicking on a lookup item?
KevinNicholls asked:
Extension of discussion# 266

Suppose the field in my data region is a bound field like


And I want that record item to link to

and show only the record for just that supplier? (by the way, my syntax does not work)
  dougl responded:
  I'm going to recreate your table structure to make sure the syntax in my example is correct. In the meantime, check out:
  dougl responded:

<a href="/supplier/default.view?Supplier_Name=#record['DealID:SupplierContactID:SupplierID:Supplier_Name']#"><ws:field name="DealID:SupplierContactID:SupplierID:Supplier_Name"><ws:caption>Supplier_Name</ws:caption></ws:field></a>
  matthewb responded:
  You might want to link on the PK of the suppliers table.  which would look like

<ws:field name="DealID:SupplierContactID:SupplierID" displaymodes="never" />
<a href="/supplier/default.view?SupplierID=#record['DealID:SupplierContactID:SupplierID']#"><ws:field name="DealID:SupplierContactID:SupplierID:Supplier_Name"><ws:caption>Supplier_Name</ws:caption></ws:field></a>
  dougl responded:
  also consider the following code to display 20 records when a view is in grid mode and only 1 record when a view is in all other modes:

      var strMode = request.getParameter( "_mode", "grid" );
      var iPageSize = strMode.toLowerCase() == "grid" ? 20 : 1;
  KevinNicholls responded:
  Doug- Matt

Thanks guys- works like a charm
  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
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