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How can I call up a matching record in an "include" area?
Jim_Sullivan asked:
Can I call up a particular record in an "include"?

Code from my page:
<ws:include src="/TTXinfo/default.view" id="Purchase_Order_or_Control_No" />

This displays all the records. How can I display only the record that corresponds to the Purchase_Order_or_Control_No record from the other table displayed on the page?
  dougl responded:

I think you're looking for the joinfield and joinfieldparent properties of the <ws:include> tag.

Let's say, for example, your parent record contains data about a Purchase Order and your included region is bound to a table that stores Status information about each Purchase order.

If your Status table is linked to the Purchase Order table through a lookup field named purchaseOrderID, your include tag will look like this:

<ws:include src=".TTXinfo/default.view" id="Purchase_Order_or_Control_No" joinfield="purchaseOrderID" joinfieldparent="rowid" />
  marki responded:
  Note that to use the joinfield and joinfieldparent properties, your include needs to be located within the parent data region.

You can set these properties from the UI as well as in source code as described above.
  dougl responded:
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