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How do I fix a script that won't run due to incorrect data type
Josh_Fulleton asked:
DataWeb Script is automatically converting data types in a
   number of contexts. Numbers are automatically converted to
   strings whenever numbers are concatenated with strings. So I
   have converted the value to number datatype before putting it in

   Below is the old code which was causing issue:

    actHPPD = totalUnitShift *4/(maxStartOfDayUnitShift +
   totalCensusAdjustment + diffAdmitsDischarges/2)+maxBdgtHPPD +

   Updated code to fix that issue:

   We have decleared below variables:
   var numVal=0;
               var numVal1=0;
               var numVal2=0;
               var numVal3=0;
               var numVal4=0;
   numVal = new Number(totalUnitShift);
                   numVal1=((new Number(maxStartOfDayUnitShift) +
   new Number(totalCensusAdjustment) + new

                   numVal2=(new Number(maxBdgtHPPD));

                   numVal3=(new Number(maxBdgtIndHrs));

                   numVal4=(new Number(maxStartOfDayUnitShift) +
   new Number(totalCensusAdjustment) + new
                   actHPPD = new Number(numVal) * 4 / new
   Number(numVal1) + new Number(numVal2) + new Number(numVal3) /
   new Number(numVal4)
  Josh_Fulleton (DataWeb) responded:
  Dataweb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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