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How Does an Event Trigger Work in DataWeb
rlocke asked:
For example, if you had a list of 20 students in a class and you were checking for attendance and every student that was not present would get a check in a corresponding box.  Is it possible to update a table with the information that identifies the students that were missing that day?  So over the course of a school year you would have accurate attendance record showing how many days each student may
have missed over the course of the school year?
  rlocke (DataWeb) responded:
  Steps to event-triggers situation work are as below
1) Open application in developer mode.
2) Click on File then Hover on New.
3) Click on Data Table and Create data table Student.
4) Now add some data fields on Student table like Name, Class, Date, Attendance.
5) Now open default.view page of Student data table in Source mode.
6) Add Select box which contains Student Name field from data table.
7) Now take Student Name from Select box on "onChange" event.
8) Retrieve all records of Selected student  from Student data table with help of "ResultSet".
9) Add "=Attendance ='False'" on right side "Filter Preset" field in "Data Region Property" section In Design mode. (This step  Filter records to show Absent Days of student)
10) Now Browse default.view page in browser.
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