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How to add <!DOCTYPE to the page
agogate asked:
how to add doctype to any dataweb view. I tried adding the doctype to default views, Themes/template.view but it is not getting reflected. I need to add the <!DOCTYPE to the page.  
  Kevin_J_Nicholls (DataWeb) responded:
  I've played with this a few years ago and vaguely remember that the platform didn't recognize (or "play nicely") with the DOCTYPE decelerations.

What DOCTYPE are you trying to use?

  agogate responded:
  Thanks for reply Kevin,

I have implemented 'Google Custom Search'. But it is not working with IE. Google help forum says the rendered page needs DOCTYPE declaration. I tested it  on my local machine and it proves right. But I am not able to declare the DOCTYPE in webdev page.
Google help forum :

Please help me release this feature to live.
  Josh_Fulleton (DataWeb) responded:
  As of writing this response you may now add to the top of any .view page:

<!DOCTYPE html>

And you will be able to use HTML5 elements as well as jquery version  - 2.1.1 and higher.
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