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Staging and Live databases
agogate asked:
I am new to DataWeb. I want to know that is there any concept of Staging and Live databases in DataWeb. If yes how to publish the website to Live database. If no then how can we lock the live changes and perform the changes to the web application for subsequent releases.  
  Kevin_J_Nicholls (DataWeb) responded:
  Yep - DataWeb makes it pretty easy to produce separate staging/dev and production websites that are essentially copies of each other.  It also makes it pretty easy to move pieces from one copy to another.

The first step is to create a copy of the application. At least 3 ways come to mind.

1)   go to your "/?_admin=start" page of your app (e.g. and under the "Manage Application" section, click 'Copy Application', and fill in the application name (e.g.

2) Same process can be accessed in the designer ( among others) by going to Application -> Copy Application

3) You can start by creating an archive (Zip copy) of your entire app (use either of the 2 methods above and click 'Export' instead of 'Copy Application' and follow the instructions.  This will download zip file to your computer that is a current snapshot of all your files and data.  Next, go to 'Application'-> 'Create New Application' inside the designer, and follow the instructions to upload the Archive (zip) file.

A note of caution: I sometimes get confused which app I am in - they look identical, except the url.  I will sometimes apply a different style sheet (see /themes/default.css), say with a RED background; Alternately or (more easily)  add something like a big 'DEV SITE' to the template page(see /themes/template.view).

Now how do you move stuff from your Dev/Staging site to your Production Site?

We simply use the designer to copy files and folders (this can include tables and data) from one app to the other:

1) Start in Application Designer of the dev/staging app.  (

2) Click the folder (in the 'File Directory' off to the left) that contains the stuff (again, files and /or data) you want to move to the production app (

3) You should see a listing of items in the folder as well as subdirectories.  Click on the items you want to copy to production. Click 'Copy'

4) A copy files page appears, and the top folder available is 'My Applications' - click on this one;

5) A list of all the applications you have admin rights appears; Click on '

6) Navigate to the destination folder in Click the 'copy' button at the bottom of the page.

7) Finally follow the instructions 'Are you sure you want to overwrite files?'  'Do you want to copy over just structure for your table or data and structure?'

A few more notes
1) you may want to set your production application to 'Only the application owner can view and modify this application' while you make the copy ( at the bottom).

2) I would also make an archive copy of the production app just before making the change (just in case something goes wrong).

Hope that helps,
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