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Gaining access to objects in a view
pnwer asked:
I am trying to write a script to dynamically produce a .csv file using the fields dispalyed in a view.

For example, I have a .view of the addressbook, with only the fields: FirstName, LastName

This is done through <ws:field="firstname"/> and <ws:field="lastname"/>

Is there any way to return an array of the fields that are included in a view.  This would allow me to build a (relatively) universal .csv button that mimics the data displayed in the view.
  usman (DataWeb) responded:
  Thanks for your interest in DataWeb HostRAD application.

To figure out/recall how to do something programmatically/dynamically; please refer to the object model firstly.

One of the objects here under "Data Access Objects" is the resultset opbject.

There are a few CSV functions (sendCSV, getCSV). That sends CSV to the browser OR produce a CSV text string that can be saved as a file.

Please refer to the link below.

Hope this information proves helpful.

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