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Default Values
ian asked:
How to have a default value automatically appear for new records?  Two examples, in one table I have a space for country on an address form.  Most people will probably be USA, how can I have new records have USA as the default. 
In another table I have a date field.  I would like it to automatically fill the field with today's date as the default, but leave it open for editing? 
Thank you
  support (DataWeb) responded:
  Try this. Place the following script block inside your dataregion:

    if (string.equalIgnoreCase(view.region.mode,"insert")) {
        record.DateField=Date().format("short date");

The script ensures the user is in insert mode and then populates the appropriate fields with the appropriate information.

You mentioned that you were populating two different tables. I put both field updates in the same script. Modify script and field names as necessary.
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