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Nested Data Regions
pefsolutions asked:
I have a schema with approx. 70+ tables. Because of the volume of data tables that relate to the main source it is difficult to display data in multiple nested data regions (otherwise the page is way to long and my users will have to scroll with every use).

I decided to use a navbar and link each "subform" to the main data table using filtering. This works great because I can click on the navbar for a sub category and it will pull the data associated with the main record. The only problem is that now the record that connects the two tables is not being populated with the current records data. I have to select the record.

An example would be like this:

Main Executive Table - Executive Record ID

Connects with a lookup field to the Executive History table.(a one-to-many relationship)

Setup as a nested data region the Executive history table automatically populates the executive record ID.

Setup as a navbar, the executive history view is looking for me to select (via a lookup) the appropriate executive record ID from a list of all IDs.

Is there a way to keep this type of setup but push the lookup field from the main table to the "sub" tables?

What I am attempting to accomplish is to create a Tab-based form with multiple tabs that relate to the same record.

Thank you for your assistance!
  pefsolutions responded:
  Any Ideas?  
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