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Lots of Data to display
jaime_mauro asked:
Hi again,

I want to display a lot of project and related status data on the same page. It appears that I am very limited in how to control where fields actually are presented on a page and unfortunately I am not great with HTML.

It seems that in grid mode, a long list of fields will simply force scrolling horizontally even though there are tons of room lower on the page----in details mode a long list appears vertically and likewise forces vertical scrolling down the page even though there are tons of room across the page. In general, is there a better way to control field by field where I want things to appear on a page? I don't seem to have that much control...

  dougl responded:
  The default layouts of the dataregions are pretty well defined. However, you can add your own html to modify where items appear.

For example, if you include a table tag within a dataregion, you can place ws:fieldboxes next to one another. This will break the field data into a more-horizontal alignment.
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