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REALLY NEED HELP: and guest logins
Kevin_J_Nicholls asked:
I am working on a scenario where guests can sign themselves  (and other guests) up.

When I log on as a guest and try to sign a friend of mine up as a guest I keep getting a message:
"Must be owner or administrator to change membership."

This message is being created from

Can I see the sourcecode so I can confirm? Can I get the sourcecode so I can alter and created my own

  steveh responded: is "hard coded' in the platform is not available for editing or viewing.

The reason guests can't sign up other guests, is because the maximum permissions for guests is "editor", which only allows you to change records in the web, not edit the membership status of other folks.

To do what you want to do, you need to manually assign members to role of Administrator, and those people in turn will have to manually assign others the role of Administrator.
  steveh responded:
  I take that back.

One of the original Westside devs just reminded me that we have a Member script object that would be useful here.

Take a look at these topics:

Using these objects, you could write a script that captures the functionality you are looking for.

One more thing: if a Guest tries to run a script which includes, say, Members.add(), the script will fail, since calling this method requires Admin permissions.  You will need to use the "asAdmin" qualifier in these scripts.

For info on the using "asAdmin", see
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