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Add option if record is not in lookup table
lfambles asked:
Is there a simple way to add a record to a table if there is not a record in that table for a lookup field? For example, I am generating invoices and one field is a look up of companies from the companies table. If the company that is being invoiced is not in the companies table, I need the option of adding it so that I don't have to exit the process and add a record to the companies table.  
  dougl responded:

First check to see if the company is in the company table. If it is, assign companyID it's rowid value. If it isn't, insert a new company record and assign companyID the rowid value of the newly inserted record.

var companyID;
var rs = new Resultset( "company", "rowid", "name = '" + companyName + "' );
if( )
  companyID = rs.rowid;
  companyID = table.insert( "company", {name:companyName} ).rowid;
  dougl responded:
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