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possible application approval problem...
laserj asked:
At our app (, we've been going through an open enrollment period where the sign-up mode is set to 'self sign-up'.  We haven't had any trouble with this until the last day or so.  When I checked the memberships today there were 27 pending-approval applicants.  There should have been no pending-approval applicants due to the nature of the sign-up mode we chose.  Also, I clicked 'Approve' for those people and where in the past those people moved down into the members table, they now are in both places - still waiting to be approved and also in the members table.  Odd...

The only thing that I've done differently with scripts is a suggestion one of the Westside people suggested for a problem we were having with Netscape 4.7 in which a person couldn't type anything into a text field when trying to sign up.  Apparently this problem was because the maxlength of the text field was set to "" which Netscape interpreted strangely.  It was suggested that I change the necessary maxlengths to 244.  When I went in to edit, I noticed that all the maxlengths were set at 255.  I changed the three that we ask for at sign-up to 244 and that problem went away.  Could it be that by doing this, I've inadvertantly caused the above-listed new problem?

  dougl responded:
  Did you add any modules or copy and files or folders from one web to another?

We recently fixed a bug where this would have reset the sign-up mode of your application.
  laserj responded:
  I copied a module or two a few weeks ago, but not lately.  And, we don't have another web so I didn't do that either.  It's strange because, for instance, I just had a7seif go through the sign-up process.  She did, filling in her first name, last name, email address, and so on.  Then was taken to the screen where she chooses her username and password and agrees with the Westside policy.  So, now she is technically an approved member who can view the discussion board.  The strange part is that she is listed in both the waiting-for-approval table and the already-approved table.  Not only that, but the row for her entry in each table doesn't include the first name, last name, or email information that she sent.

When I click on the 'View and Manage members using the AddressBook' link on the Membership Applications page, all of these new entries take up two grid rows.  The user information is all in one row with a second blank row following.
  dougl responded:
  Copying the module probably reset your application's sign-up mode. Can you check the /?_admin=settings page again to make sure your application allows "All visitors may sign up"

If this is set correctly, try signing up with an account no one has used before. Friendly email names make this very easy. Try something like this:
"test account"<>
(make sure you use a real email address)

Then click the 'View and Manage members using the AddressBook' link on the Membership Applications page. Find "test account"'s entry. Does it appear on the "already-approved" list or the "waiting-for-approval" list?
  laserj responded:
  I checked the sign-up mode three times before I made my initial post.  And, as indicated, the person is able to use the web immediately after signing up even though (unbeknownst to them) they are added to both the existing members list and the pending members list.

And, the a7seif account was my attempt at signing up as you just suggested.  See my previous post for the results.
  dougl responded:
  Had you tried with the a7seif account before?  
  laserj responded:
  Nope, first time.  
  dougl responded:
  When you say:
"When I click on the 'View and Manage members using the AddressBook' link on the Membership Applications page, all of these new entries take up two grid rows.  The user information is all in one row with a second blank row following."

Does the second blank row appear only at the bottom of the list of members in your AddressBook? Instead of a checkbox, does it have a picture of a pencil writing into a box?
  laserj responded:
  What I mean is that from row 98 all the way until the end (row 159) every other row is blank.  When a person signs up, their information is input in for example row 160 and another blank row at row 161 is also added.  There are no pictures and no checkbox on the pages I'm referring to like what you mention (AddressBook/default.view?_page=5).  
  dougl responded:
  I've tried reproducing this behavior with another application, but I must be missing something. Let me find out more about your application:

Do you run any scripts when you add or modify data on the AddressBook?

Which modules have you installed?
  laserj responded:
  No scripts have been added by me except one which will email members when a new topic is added.  That has worked for weeks now with no trouble so I highly doubt it has anything to do with this trouble.  Plus, that script is on a different database entirely.  So, to answer your other question, the only modules I've installed are the discussion board and the search module.

I'm convinced this problem is related to the suggestion I followed in which I changed the maxlength of those three text fields from 255 to 244.
  dougl responded:
  You're right. I'm sorry I didn't check that before. I'll file a bug and we'll begin investigating this immediately.

In the meantime, if you change these values back to 255, your sign-up will work as expected. We've fixed the original bug you hit. It now appears we have another to fix.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. How many double-entries do you have in your AddressBook? We may be able to write a script to correct them.
  laserj responded:
  I have 33 blank rows.  That's not so many, I'll just manually delete them until you are able to fix the bug.  Thanks.  
  laserj responded:
  Okay, looks like I've just created a problem.  Those 33 rows that were blank on the 'View and Manage members using the AddressBook' page were apparently not blank in the file.  In that file, there was one field for each of those rows that was filled in, the username field.

The trouble is that I deleted those 33 'blank' rows before I knew they probably contained the username, thinking nothing of it. Then I wanted to look in that database at the entries and found that all those from row 104 on were missing usernames.

Those 30 people still show up in the pending-approval table.  I believe that by deleting those 'blank' rows, I've inadvetantly removed their usernames.  So, now I'm going to wait to hear from you what would be the best thing for me to do.

An option would be to click 'Approve' next to those 30 pending applicants.
  dougl responded:
  Are those thirty people listed in your membership list? ( /?_admin=members )  
  laserj responded:
  No they aren't.  It appears that your scripts sort table entries in the following way:  It looks at the username field.  If the username field contains an entry then the applicant must have been able to get to the sign-in screen where they could choose a username and password and thus are okay to have joined and thus get put in the existing members table.  If the username field is empty (regardless of whether or not the other fields have content), the applicant gets put in the pending-member table because your script looks at that person as being someone who hasn't gotten to the screen where they can choose their username and password (either by receiving an invitation email or by being allowed to sign in on their own).

I know I'm probably using incorrect terminology and this is just my interpretation of your routines, but that's my impression.  Do you think I should click 'Approve' for those entries now?
  dougl responded:
  Yes. If these users are not in your members list, clicking "approve" will add them.  
  dougl responded:
  I believe we've fixed this bug. I'm closing this issue.  
  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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