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Bug in hotBlock "Content Publisher"
jax asked:
There is a "settings" table that allows you to configure some of the data, like "indentArray" and "maximum depth of content menu".  The latter (maximum...) is defaulted to 5.  I changed it for a client to 20.  And yet, once we reached a depth of "5" the verical content menu stopped rendering items.

Turns out there's a hard coded "5" in the file verticalContentMenu.view:

<ws:parameterdecl name="Depth" value="5" />

Just FYI.
  Jillm responded:
  My, my, you are so right, the vertical menu doesn't expand beyond five articles.

After looking at it, the problem isn't *quite* that the <ws:parameterdecl> tag has a value of 5.  When the value attribute is listed in the parameterdecl tag, that's just a default value; one that can be overridden by passing in a <ws:parameter> of that name with a different value.  The problem is that the Content Manager isn't passing in such a parameter so the default value isn't getting overridden by the value from the Settings table.

Thanks for pointing this out and I'll let the content manager author know...well, he'll probably read this support thread anyway.  ;)

  dougl responded:
  You can set the maximum depth of all articles and the maximum depth of articles displayed per menu.

I could write some code to change these values when you change the maximum depth of all articles, but I'm not sure if you really want only five articles to display in that vertical menu.

Then again, perhaps the Content Manager becomes harder to use because I allow this fine-grain control.
  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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