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upgrading to 2.0
rena asked:
I asked an earlier question about this and needed to follow up now that I've gotten around to upgrading our app. According to the instructions I was previously given [] it's recommended to make a copy of the application first by exporting it to a .zip and importing it again. According to support on exporting to a .zip archive only the owner of a web can export it. From what I can tell Geoff is the owner of the web, but he no longer works for Westside, correct? How can I get help with this so I can perform the upgrade?  
  brendanx responded:
  Actually, any administrator can export a web.

The owner, however, can do it most safely by locking the web for owner only access before doing the export.  This prevents people from modifying the web in the middle of the export, and possibly leaving minor inconsistencies.

We fairly frequently export webs as the administrator, though.

Here are some recommendations to make doing this safer:
(1) Do it at a relatively low traffic time for your site, if normal users actually update data on the site.
(2) Tell other administrators who might be working on the site not to make changes during your export, or again do it at a time when they aren't around.

Of course, you probably want someone in your organization to take ownership of the web.  Would that be you?  We can make that change for you too.  Just let us know how you want to handle things.
  rena responded:
  Okay... I think I successfully exported the web. So now to finish making a copy of it I need to import it to a new web. According to Help (version 1.0): "Importing a Web Archive:
If you've exported a Westside web to a web archive file, you can import that archive into a new web. From your Home page, click Create New, then select the Create a web from an archive file option..."

But, I can't find where to 'Create New'... This isn't an option from the start page or the MyWebs page... 

And, because my purpose for exporting the web is so that I can copy it & upgrade it, I now have more questions about the upgrade because I don't see where the option to do this is available anyways. Not only is there no link to the Upgrade wizard from the Start page (which seems to be explained below) I can't figure out how to allow the web to even support version 2.0. The support info on upgrading suggests that I should be able to set this as an option from the MyWebs page, but when I navigate to the MyWebs page the only thing I see is the weblist and the Edit Profile button. THis is what the support text says:

"If you're hosting a domain with Westside, you can decide which versions you want your domain to support. By default, your domain will continue to support only version 1.x -- new webs will be created on version 1.x, and no option will be available to upgrade existing apps. To have your domain support version 2.0, click the Domain Admin link on the My Webs page. Check the Supported box to allow existing apps to be upgraded to version 2.0. Check the Default box to specify that new apps are created on version 2.0."

As you can see I'm having quite a bit of trouble with this. What's written in Help doesn't seem to correspond very well... The Help text is where I got the idea that only the web owner could export a web, too--under Exporting to a Web Archive it actually says: "In order to export a web to a .zip file, you must be the owner of that web." Not a big deal, I guess, but would it be possible for someone to walk me through this process a little?

As far as taking ownership of the web...I'm not sure who that should be. How does being an owner differ from an Adminisrator?

Many questions... thanks much for any help.
  dougl responded:

You don't see the options listed because you haven't been given permission by your Domain Administrator to create webs.

As it turns out, you Domain Administrator has also not enabled your domain to use version 2.

You domain administrator is Geoff. We will make you the domain administrator and web owner for tomorrow. Until then, you can neither upgrade nor create webs on this domain.

In the meantime, feel free to create a new web from this archive and test upgrading it on the domain.

**Make sure you do not accidentally send mail to your users when you create your web from the archive**
Make sure you do not check the box next to the
Restore members:
   Restore users from the archive.
option during this process.

Please let us know if you have any questions during this process. I'm sorry for your frustration; the help documents assume certain domain settings that have not been set on your domain.
  dougl responded:
  As far as taking ownership of the web...I'm not sure who that should be. How does being an owner differ from an Adminisrator?

Owners are given more control over webs than administrators.
Owners can:
1. lock out all other users.
2. rename applications.

Domain Administrators are given more control than all other types of users.
Amongst other things, domain admins can:
1. control who has permission to create applications on the domain
2. take ownership of applications created on their domains
3. control which application versions their domains support.

If we make you the application owner, we will also make you the domain administrator. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

Another option:
You can create a user account on your domain called "AdventureDivasWebmaster" and make this user the web owner and the domain administrator. This way, your company or organization can pass the ownership and administrative responsibilities to whomever it sees fit without affecting your personal account.
  rena responded:
  Thanks for the help! Actually, the second option sounds better for our purposes than making me the owner of the web. That way Jill & I would both have access to make changes to the domain and wouldn't be logging on with owner permissions unless to deliberately do so. "AdventureDivasWebmaster" is fine as a name. Will you send us the password or...?
This makes more sense now. I was under the mistaken impression that at the administrator level I would have the ability to perform the upgrade. Thanks again.
  brendanx responded:
  Rena, could you please add me, '' as an 'Administrator' to the web site ''?

Also, I need to know what email address you want associated with the "AdventureDivasWebMaster" account.  You could either create a new email alias for it, or you could use something like:


Your choice.

Let me know, and I'll set this up for you.
  brendanx responded:
  Work is complete on this, and email sent to Rena.

Rena, let us know if we can close this issue.
  dougl responded:
  DataWeb considers this issue closed.
If you have additional questions or comments about this issue, please open it again.
If you have questions about a different topic please open a new support question.

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