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Backups - frequency, restoring, etc...
simlarkin asked:
First, let me say that I know about "exporting" a web and downloading my own copies of it. 

However, I've received questions from my organization about how often Westside backups up the websites (including data), how long these backups are kept, etc...

I have only found a rudimentary explanation of Westside's backup policy using Search.  Can you give me the details? 

  dougl responded:
We do log shipping: your data is saved to another machine every few minutes.

We backup our SQL servers nightly.

I'm looking into how often we backup files (views, etc...); I'm sure this schedule is on the order of nightly.

Your best policy is the policy you already keep: exporting your applicatioin and downloading copies. This is always free and always reliable.

Should you require us to restore an application, we'll charge you (I think the going rate is $500). As far as I know, we've never done this for a customer. (An employee is fairly notorious for needing restoration, and he was only charged a round of drinks at the bar across the street.)
  georgesn responded:
  If our systems have a problem that requires a restore from backup, then the restore, of course, is free.  The restore fee that Doug is describes is if you inadvertantly blow away your data and ask us to restore your web from our backups.  
  dougl responded:
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