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How To: Write a script that returns a list of my web members
Article TypeHow To
TitleWrite a script that returns a list of my web members
<i>I want to write a script to send email to all of the members of my web. How can I enumerate through all of the web members from script?</i><br />
<br />
Query your web's <a href="">AddressBook</a>:<br />
<br />
There is currently no script method for generating a list of usernames or email addresses from your web's member list. However, by default your web's AddressBook should contain a record of this information. The following script returns an array of web members' email addresses:<br />
<br />
<span class="smallCode"><pre>
// return an array of email addresses
function aEmailList()
  var aEmailList = new Array;
  var rsAddressBook = new Resultset( "AddressBook", "email", "Email is NOT NULL" );
  while ( )
    aEmaillist.push( );
  return aEmailList;
Last ReviewedFebruary 20, 2015 14:07:48

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