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How To: Filter for records where a Field is NOT equal to a Value
Article TypeHow To
TitleFilter for records where a Field is NOT equal to a Value
<I>How do I filter a resultset where a field is <B>not equal</B> to a value?</I><BR><BR>Use a <A href="/default.view?Topic=objectmodel/dataargs/wsdataargs">filter object</A> with <A href="/default.view?Topic=urls/urlfilterview">URL filter syntax</A>:<BR><BR><SPAN class=smallCode><PRE>// return all records on the FRUIT table except those where fruitName = "Apples";
var filter = new Object;<BR>
filter["fruitName~ne"] = "Apples";
rsIndex = "fruit", ["rowId","fruitName","season"],
                  filter, "+fruitName");</PRE></SPAN>
Last ReviewedFebruary 20, 2015 14:08:18

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