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Info: Exporting a .data file gives "Unhandled File Type" error
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TitleExporting a .data file gives "Unhandled File Type" error
<p><i>If I export a .data file on a Macintosh, I get an "Unhandled File Type" error from Internet Explorer.  If the data happens to contain HTML, the browser attempts to render it.</i></p>
Solution: Change your Internet Explorer preferences

Select <b> Preferences</b> from the <b>Edit</b> menu</li>
Select <b> File Helpers</b> under <b> Receiving Files</b> on the left-hand list
    box. Expand the <b>Recieving Files</b> category if necessary.</li>
  <li>In the right-hand list box, scroll down to <b>Comma Separated Vars</b></li>
  <li>Select <b> Change...</b>.</li>
  <li>Change the MIME type to "text/csv".</li>

Note: If a field in your table contains HTML, Internet Explorer for the Macintosh may try to render your data rather than downloading it. This is a bug in Internet Explorer for the Macintosh.
Last ReviewedFebruary 20, 2015 14:08:53

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