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How To: Display the first 20 characters of a text field
Article TypeHow To
TitleDisplay the first 20 characters of a text field
<i>"I have a longtext field in a data table. Lets say I input into this field a message containing 100 characters. In my default.view I would only like to show the first 20 (for example) characters. How do I do this?"</i><br>
Use a <a href="/default.view?Topic=views/vbasics">calculated field</a>:<br>
Select your field (named <b>DESCRIPTION</b>, for example) and click on the "zoom" icon next to the bound field property. Set the field to:<br>
<span class="smallCode">ShortDescription=SUBSTR(Description,1,20)</span>
Last ReviewedFebruary 20, 2015 14:09:09

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