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How To: Access the RowId for a newly inserted record from within the view source
Article TypeHow To
TitleAccess the RowId for a newly inserted record from within the view source
<p>Within a view that permits inserting a new record, you may want to know the
RowId of the newly inserted record. For example, if you want to display the
newly inserted record in update mode immediately after it is submitted, you
might set the <b>redir_insert</b> attribute of the data region to display the
view in update mode, as follows:</p>


<p>After the record is inserted, the view is displayed in update mode, but the
record displayed is the first record in the table, not the newly inserted
record. To display the newly inserted record, you must specify a filter argument
including the RowId, and the value of the RowId as <b>##rowid##</b>, as follows. Note
that the RowId argument to the URL is case-sensitive and must be specified as <b>##rowid##</b>.&nbsp;</p>

Last ReviewedFebruary 20, 2015 14:09:23

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