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DataWeb User's Guide

Upgrading to Version 2.2
To upgrade your existing web application to version 2.0, display your web in the DataWeb Designer, and click the Start tab. At the top of the Start page you'll see a link to upgrade your application. Clicking this link will launch the Upgrade wizard, which will step you through the process of upgrading your application.

Note that you are not required to upgrade your web application to version 2.0. If you choose not to upgrade, your application will continue to work as-is, and you can continue to modify it as you wish.

If you do choose to upgrade to version 2.0, we recommend that you create a copy of your application first, then upgrade the copy. This way you can test a copy of your application safely on the new version. To create a copy of your application, export it to a zip archive and import the zip archive into a new application.

If you're hosting a domain with DataWeb, you can decide which versions you want your domain to support. By default, your domain will continue to support only version 1.x -- new webs will be created on version 1.x, and no option will be available to upgrade existing apps. To have your domain support version 2.0, click the Domain Admin link on the My Webs page. Check the Supported box to allow existing apps to be upgraded to version 2.0. Check the Default box to specify that new apps are created on version 2.0.

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