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DataWeb: What's New
DataWeb is excited to announce the release of DataWeb, version 2.0. DataWeb is the fastest, easiest to use, and most powerful version yet. Version 2.0 is packed with great features to help you build the web applications that you want to build, including:
  • The new and improved DataWeb Designer includes pull-down menus, an expandable web directory, and other time-saving features. The Designer now remembers whether you last displayed a file in design view or source view, and returns you to that view when you next display the file.
  • The Designer offers an improved selection paradigm and drag-and-drop functionality for creating views that look the way you want. You can now edit a view within its template, and move easily between editing the view and editing its template. You can also nest templates to add sophisticated navigation to your application.
  • With the new HTML data type, formatted text that you enter into a field is automatically converted to HTML. A graphical HTML editor makes it easy to format text to be stored as HTML.
  • The new URL data type makes it easy to store URLs in a table.
  • The new file upload data type uploads a file to a folder in your web and stores a pointer to that file in your table.
  • You can calculate totals for a field -- sum, average, minimum, maximum, or count -- by simply setting a property in a view.
  • New aggregation functions enable you to group your data, so that you can view and analyze your data in different ways. 
  • Components are views that you can reuse within other views. For example, you can create a reusable menu or calendar, save it as a component, and incorporate it into your other views.
  • Date and number formatting properties make it easy to display date and number data in a variety of formats.
  • New wizards streamline tricky tasks, like creating calculated fields, navigation bars, links, and more.
  • The data transfer wizard makes it easy to merge data from one table into another.
  • New copy application functionality enables you to copy your web application in a one-step process.
  • The new web schema objects offer programmatic access to the structure of your web application and tables. From DataWeb JavaScript, you can create and modify tables, fields, and indexes.
  • The HTTP client objects offer programmatic access to the data returned by a request to any web server. These objects make it possible to share data between your DataWeb web application and any other web site on the Internet.
  • DataWeb is faster than ever. Many common operations are 50% or more faster. And DataWeb script runs four times faster than before.
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