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Calling Functions
If you want to call a function from your view, it's best to write functions in a script class, import the class from the view, and call these functions as methods on the class, rather than including the function definition in the view. This way you can take advantage of the syntax checking that the scripting environment provides. When you check the syntax of a view, the DataWeb Engine checks only the XHTML in the view; it doesn't check the syntax of any script included in that XHTML. Also, some elements that you might include in a script can conflict with XHTML elements. Putting functions in a script class can help you to avoid confusing XHTML syntax errors.

A script class can be imported by any view that has the necessary permissions. Once the class has been imported, script running in the view can call its methods. For example, suppose you have defined the following function in a class called

function dateFunction()
   // Get the current date, and create a date string
   var myDate = new Date();
   var theDay = Date.getDate();
   var theMonth = Date.getMonth() + 1;
   var theYear = Date.getYear();
   return (theMonth + "/" + theDay + "/" + theYear);
To call this function from a view, use DataWeb substitution syntax within the view's source code. Call the import() method of the Classes object, assign the object returned to a variable, and use this variable to call the dateFunction() method of the class:

#var c = classes.import("/"); c.dateFunction()#

You can also call a method that takes arguments from within the view's source code, as follows:

#var c = classes.import("/"); c.myFunction(arg1, arg2)#

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