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Understanding DataWeb Security
The first key concept in understanding DataWeb security is that every folder in your application can have different security settings. This is true for the root-level folder that represents the web, for data folders, and for generic folders that aren't associated with data tables.

The security settings for a folder apply to all of the files within that folder. When you modify a folder's security settings, you also have the option to inherit security settings from the parent folder. By default each folder automatically inherits the security settings of its parent folder. In this way you can propagate security settings without having to change them for every folder. For example, if you change security settings at the web level, you can automatically update the security settings for all folders that inherit from the web folder.

The second important concept is that of the security group. Every user of your web belongs to one of six security groups, and the permissions that a given user has for a particular folder depends on which group they belong to. Permissions on a folder are set for each group, so that individual users that belong to a group have that group's permissions for the folder.

The following table describes each security group:

Group Description
Owner The Owner group consists of one user, the user who created the application. Only the owner of the application can rename it or delete it. It's not possible to change the owner's default permissions.
Administrators The Administrators group has full permissions on the application, except they cannot rename or delete the application. It's not possible to change the default permissions for the Administrators group.
Staff The Staff group can include members who don't need full administrative permissions on the web, but may need to make design changes. This group is a good place for members who manage data. By default, members of the Staff group can design forms, but you can modify these permissions.
Members The Members group can include generic members of your web. By default members of the Members group can read all records in your web as well as create and edit their own records, but you can modify these permissions.
Guests By default, members of the Guests group have permissions to read any records in your web as well as create and edit their own records, but you can change these permissions, including preventing access entirely.
Anonymous This group includes any anonymous users of your web that is, users who haven't been specifically added to your web as members and who aren't logged on to DataWeb. By default, users who access your web as members of the Anonymous group have no access to any of the records in your web. However, you can change these permissions to allow anonymous uses to create and read records as well as browse files in your web.

When you add a new member to your web, you can specify that they belong to the Administrators group, the Staff group, the Members group, or the Guests group. Since the Owner group includes only the person who created the web, and the Anonymous group consists of anonymous users of your web who aren't logged in, you can't add members to either of those groups.
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