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DataWeb User's Guide

Error Descriptions
The following tables describe the run-time errors that may be thrown by various objects in the DataWeb object model.


Array.Errors.InvalidIndex Negative number passed in to array constructor for maximum size.


Date.Errors.InvalidString Invalid date string used to initialize the date constructor.
Date.Errors.OutofRange One of the values passed in to specify the date is out of range.


Email.Errors.SendFailed The Email.send() method failed to send the email message.


Error.Errors.CallNonFunction A function call failed because the name of the function given could not be resolved.
Error.Errors.GeneralFailure This is a general message indicating that a failure occurred. The error message must be consulted for more detailed information.
Error.Errors.InstanceMethodOn Prototype A method of invocation, object.method(), failed because it is an instance method and the object is a prototype.
Error.Errors.InvalidAssignment An assignment failed because the name being assigned to did not refer to a valid object.
Error.Errors.InvalidName The name was not valid for the type of object it specified.
Error.Errors.InvalidNew A new operator failed because a constructor could not be found for the object.
Error.Errors.InvalidParameter One or more required parameters passed to a function, function(param1, param2, ...), were either not supplied or had the incorrect type.
Error.Errors.NoAccess The user did not have the required permissions to perform the operation.
Error.Errors.NonGenericMethod The method, object.method(), could not be applied to the object because the object's type does not support it.
Error.Errors.ObjectNotFound The object specified could not be found.
Error.Errors.ObjectExists The object that was being created already exists.
Error.Errors.OutOfMemory Not enough memory could be allocated to complete the operation.
Error.Errors.OutOfStackSpace The operation could not be completed because the script runtime ran out of stack space. This may be due to too much recursion in script.
Error.Errors.PrimitveObjectMismatch The primitive value stored in the object could not be converted to the expected type.
Error.Errors.PrototypeMethodOnInstance A method invocation, object.method(), failed because it is a prototype-only method and the object is an instance.
Error.Errors.RanTooLong The script exceeded the maximum allowable running time.


File.Errors.ReadOnly An attempt to modify a file failed because it is read-only.


Member.Errors.InvalidEmail The email address for the specified member is not valid. Members must have valid e-mail addresses to be added or removed from a web.
Member.Errors.InvalidGroup The member either has an invalid group, or an attempt was made to change to a group that does not exist.
Member.Errors.InvalidNote The "Notes" field for the user exceeded the maximum allowable length.


Members.Errors.CannotRemoveOwner The owner cannot be removed from the list of web members.


Number.Errors.OutOfRange The number was either too large or too small to be represented in the requested format.


Request.Errors.FileNotInPost Request.saveFile() was unable to locate the file in the post request.
Request.Errors.InputIncomplete The file upload failed because the expected number of bytes were not received.
Request.Errors.InputTooLarge An attempt to upload a file could not be completed because the file exceeded the configured maximum size.


Response.Errors.InvalidReshow A reshow request was made when there was no page to reshow.
Response.Errors.InvalidTargetMode An invalid target mode was specified in Response.setTarget().


Table.Errors.ChangePKFailed An attempt to change the primary key failed.
Table.Errors.ConnectionFailed The webserver was unable to connect to the database.
Table.Errors.Exception An error occurred during the database operation. Please examine the specific error message for more information.
Table.Errors.InvalidLongTextOperation An operation was specified that included a column of type "Long Text". The operation cannot be performed on columns of that type.
Table.Errors.InvalidRecord An attempt was made to get a column value, while the resultset was not positioned on a record.
Table.Errors.PropertyRequired A required property was not set on the database object. See error message for more information.
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