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HttpResponse Object
The HttpResponse object represents the data sent back by a server in response to a HttpRequest Object. The HttpResponse object should not be confused with the Response Object, which represents the data sent by your application to the user's web browser. There is no constructor for the HttpResponse object. The only way to create a HttpResponse object is to issue a request with the HttpUserAgent object.

Instance Properties

code The HTTP response code. For a list of response codes see Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
statusLine Text returned with the code. If the server does not return custom text, standard text is returned.
request An object or string, equivalent to the req parameter of the original request() method call. If req is a string, then request will be a string. If req is an Object, then request will be an Object.
content Content of the response. For example, if an HTML page was requested then content will be an HTML file.
headers Returns the headers as an object with each property representing one header. If a header appears multiple times (the set-cookie header often does), then values of the header are concatenated separated by \n.

Instance Methods

isInfo Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the response is informational.
isSuccess  Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the response was successful.
isRedirect  Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the response was a redirect.
isError Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the response was an error. Check the code property to see which error was returned.
toString Returns the content of the response. This method returns the same data as the content property above.

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