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Understanding Security Groups
When you add someone as a member of your web, you specify what security group they should belong to. A member of your web can belong to the Administrators group, the Staff group, or the Members group. Each security group has a set of permissions that you can specify. The member that you add inherits the permissions of the group to which they belong.

After you've finished adding members, you can change the permissions on a particular folder for a particular group. A group's permissions can be different for the web and for different folders. For example, suppose you've built a web for a teacher to keep student information, grades, and homework assignments. All students belong to the Members group, so that they can view and submit homework assignments. But they shouldn't have access to grade data. In this case you'd want to have different permissions for the Members group on the Homework and Grades tables.

If you want to permit anonymous guest users to view or enter data in your web, navigate to the Security tab, and change the permissions of the Anonymous group to the Data Reader role. (By default anonymous users have no access to your web.)
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