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Export Your Application
When you click the Export link on the Start page, you have two options: you can export all files and data to a DataWeb archive file, or you can export only your data to an Access 97 database.

If you choose to export to an archive, you're prompted to name the archive file and to select the tables from which you want to export data. All of the tables in your web application will be exported to the archive, but only those you select will contain data. When you archive and import your web application, any lookups you have will be maintained, so if you export a table that contains a lookup field, you'll probably want to export the table that it looks up to.

After the web application has been archived, you can choose to download it to your local computer or to leave it in your web application. By default the archive is stored in the /System/Export folder of your application.

Once you've exported your web application to an archive, you can import the archive to create a new web application or restore the old one. A DataWeb archive file is useful for backing up a web application, or for moving a application from a domain that's inside a firewall to a domain that's outside the firewall, or vice versa. 

A DataWeb archive file is a .zip file; you can read its contents with any utility that reads .zip files.

If more than one person may be designing your web application, changes they are making may not be reflected in the archive file. To prevent the archive from being inconsistent with the web application, it's a good idea to select the root folder, click the Security tab, and temporarily set the Only web application owner can view and modify this web application option. This prevents other users from modifying the web application while you export it.

If you choose to export to an Access 97 database, all of your lookups will be exported as relationships in the resulting database. By default the resulting .mdb file is stored in the /System/Export folder.

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