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DataWeb User's Guide

Managing Your Domain
Once you have registered your domain with DataWeb, you can manage it from the Domain Admin page. To see the Domain Admin page, log on to your domain and navigate to /mydomain.csp.

This page is available only to the domain administrator. From this page, you can change the domain administrator, if you would like to transfer control of the domain to someone else. You can also specify which versions of the DataWeb Platform your domain supports, and manage users and applications.

Supported Versions

The DataWeb Platform makes multiple versions available to you at once, so that you're never forced to upgrade to the latest version. You can specify which version is the default version for new applications. You can also specify whether a particular version is supported at all -- that is, whether an application created in that version will continue to function as-is, or whether the application will have to be upgraded.


On the Users tab, you can manage the users who are registered on your domain. To add a user to the domain, you simply add them as a member of an application on the domain. They will then appear in the list on the Users tab.

To manage a user on the domain, click the Edit button. You can specify whether a user has permissions on the domain to create a new application by checking the Create Applications box. To disable a user's account on the domain, check the Disabled box. This page shows all of the applications that a particular user is a member of, and the permissions they have on each.


The Applications tab lists each application in your domain, its owner, and the version on which it is running.

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