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DataWeb User's Guide

Email Hosting Services
Any domain hosted by DataWeb can use our full-featured email services. These include:

When your domain is established on DataWeb, you will be given an email administrator account and you can create a new account and start receiving mail immediately.

An overview of the services is provided below. Complete configuration details can be found in the email administrator online help.


An email "mailbox" is an account with an associated username and password (also known as a POP3 account). It can be accessed via a web browser or with your favorite email program.

For example, you might have an account called "mike" that receives mail sent to "". While traveling you could read this mail via

and while in the office you could configure your email program to download and read the email on your own computer.


Aliases provide multiple email addresses for a single mailbox. There is no additional charge for alias addresses - only mailboxes and redirects incur a monthly fee.

For example, the mailbox "mike" may also have aliases "mikem" and "webmaster", so that all mail sent to any of the addresses will appear in Mike's mailbox.


A "redirect" is a special email account that automatically forwards to another email address outside of your domain. A redirect account is charged at the same rate as a regular mailbox.

For example, you might have a redirect called "webmaster" that receives mail sent to "" and then immediately forwards that mail to "".

Catch-all Email Address

If someone sends email to your domain to an address that doesn't exist, you can optionally send that mail to any mailbox (or redirect) in your domain. This is often handy to catch misspelled addresses, for example.

To establish a catch-all address, log in to the email administrator, then:

  1. Click on the middle (top) tab labeled: "Domain Settings"
  2. "Domain Settings" is now highlighted. Click immediately below that on the tab labeled "Preferences"
  3. Enter the name of an existing mailbox in your domain in the space provided
  4. Click on "Submit"

You're done! Now any mail to a non-existent address in your domain will go to the mailbox you specified.

Distribution List

A distribution list is a group of email addresses in your domain. This is a handy way of sending mail to multiple people via one email address. There is no additional charge for distribution lists - only mailbox and redirects incur a monthly fee.

For example, you may have a distribution list called "staff" that contains all the mailboxes in your domain so you can easily send mail to everyone via the one email address of "".

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