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The File Directory
The File Directory shows the files and folders in your web application, organized in a hierarchy beneath the application's root folder. The root folder is the folder that takes the name of your application. In the image below, the root folder is

There are two types of folders in the File Directory: data folders () and standard folders(). A data folder represents a data table in your web application, and though it can contain any kind of file, it usually contains files that relate to that table. Every data folder contains a .data file(), which you can open to change the structure of your table -- by adding and deleting fields, for example. When it is first created, the data folder also contains a default.view file, which is a simple view file that displays data from the data table.

A standard folder is not associated with any particular table in your web application; you can use standard folders for organizing files.

The default.view file that appears in the root folder of your web application has a special status: it is the home page for your web application. This is the page that users will see if they access your web address (e.g., Think of the default.view file in the root folder as the "index.html" page of your web application.

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