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DataWeb User's Guide

The System Folder
The System folder is automatically created when you create a new web application. It contains folders relating to the management of your application, described in the following table:
Folder or File Description
/Export When you export your web application to a DataWeb archive file or to an Access database, the exported file is stored here.
/Log The Log table records errors that occur in your web application. Typically these errors are caused by a problem in a .view file or a run-time error in DataWeb script. You can also write information to the log file from script. If you delete the Log table, it is re-created the next time an error occurs.
/SystemPages Contains the .view files used in your web application to manage registration, log on, password management, and errors.
    Access.view Displays an "Access Denied" message to the user, and a "Sign up" link if the web application allows self-signup.
    ChangePwd.view Displays a standard change password form.
    Error.view Displays a message that a system error has occurred.
    Logon.view Displays a standard log on form.
    NoExist.view Displays a message that the page does not exist.
    NoHttp.view Displays a message that the web application is unavailable.
    Register.view Displays a standard registration form.
    ResetPwd.view Displays a standard reset password form.


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