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The AddressBook Table
The AddressBook table is automatically created for you when you create a new web application. Its main purpose is to allow you to store additional address information for the members of your web application, but the AddressBook table is flexible -- you can also store address information for people who are not members. And the members of your web application don't necessarily have to have corresponding address information in the AddressBook.

By default new members of your web application are added to the AddressBook. When you select the Members tab and click the New Member button to add a new member, you'll see that the Add new members to AddressBook option is selected by default.

The AddressBook table contains a key field, the UserName field. This field stores the user name that each member specifies when they register on the domain (or any other hosted domain). The UserName field uniquely identifies the user. If a member is listed in the AddressBook, then each time a user creates or modifies a record in a table, their user name is recorded in either the OwnedBy or ModifiedBy system field, respectively. Including members in the AddressBook is therefore useful for tracking who created and modified which records.

You can create a special field of type User in any table. A field of type User is a lookup to the AddressBook table. This field type makes it easy to incorporate the members of your web application into the data in your table. For example, for a project management web application, you might create a field of type User that specifies to which member of the application a particular task is assigned. This way you don't have to re-enter the names of the members of your web application -- they're already available in the AddressBook.

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