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DataWeb User's Guide

DataWeb's Implementation of JavaScript
DataWeb JavaScript is a fully ECMA-compliant JavaScript implementation with access to common JavaScript objects such as arrays, math, date, string, etc. DataWeb's implementation differs from other common implementations in the following ways:

  DataWeb JavaScript executes at the web server, rather than in the client web browser. It provides access to web server objects such http requests and responses, database objects such as tables and resultsets, and web services objects such as XML streams and the XML document object model. Because it runs at the server rather than the client, DataWeb JavaScript does not access client-side objects such as browsers or HTML documents. To manipulate these objects, DataWeb programmers use client-side JavaScript in the ordinary way.

  DataWeb JavaScript is case-insensitive.

  DataWeb JavaScript supports block scoping. Block scoping enables you to declare local variables within a block designated by curly braces. Those variables are not available to code outside the block.

  DataWeb JavaScript does not support automatic semi-colon insertion. A missing semi-colon at the end of a line results in a compile error.

  DataWeb JavaScript does not automatically declare a variable when you provide an initial value to that variable. A missing variable declaration results in a compile error.

  DataWeb JavaScript does not support do/while loops.

  DataWeb JavaScript does not support regular expression.

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