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Merging Tables with Data Transfer
Data transfer makes it easy to copy data from one table to another table with a similar or identical structure. It's particularly useful if you regularly import changing data from an external source, like an Access database, and you want to append new data to a table in your DataWeb web application. It's also useful for moving data between two tables in different webs.

To transfer data from one table to another, open the data folder for the source table. Select the table's .data file and click the Design tab to display the table in Design view. Click the Data Transfer link, and navigate to the destination table in the current web or in another web.

In the Data Transfer wizard, you'll see the name of each field in the source table and the destination table. The Action column indicates how the Data Transfer wizard will attempt to copy data from the source table to the destination table. If the action for a field is set to Transfer, data will be copied for that field. If the action is set to Skip, that field will be skipped. A field is skipped if there is no field in the destination table that matches it in name and in data type. An action of Default indicates that there is no value to copy from the source table, so the default value for that field in the destination table will be used.

In the System Fields section, you can select an option to specify whether you want to transfer system field values from the source table, or if those values should be set to default values in the destination table. This setting is particularly important if the primary key is an auto-incrementing integer and some primary key values from the destination table are identical to those in the source table. If this is the case, you should select the Use default values option. Otherwise you may get an error when you try to transfer the data, because there cannot be duplicate values for the primary key in the destination table.

In the Copy Which Source Records section, you can specify that you want to copy either all source records, or only source records that were created more recently than the newest record in the destination table. If you choose the latter option, the Data Transfer wizard will copy only those source records whose Created field has a value that is more recent than the Created value of the newest record in the destination table.

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