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Adding Totals to Your View
One way to analyze numeric data in a table is to perform a calculation against all of the data in a particular field. You can do this by adding totals to your view. Totals can show you the sum of all values in a particular field, or their average, or the number of records that contain a value for that field. Totals can also show you the minimum or maximum value for the field.

For example, suppose that you have a table of students' grades. You may want to find the average grade for the class, or the minimum grade, or the maximum. It's easy to do this by adding a total to your view.

To add a total to a view, display the view in the DataWeb Designer and select the field that you're interested in. In the Properties pane, click the drop-down for the Total property. Select the operation that you want to perform on that field. Your view will display an additional row at the bottom, the Totals row, with the result of the calculation.

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