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DataWeb User's Guide

Work With Your New Application
The DataWeb Designer provides the tools you need to manage your web application, create, import, and design files, add and delete members, establish security, and more.

When you create a new web application, it contains the following files and folders:

  An AddressBook data table. When you add a new member to your web application, you have the option to also add them to the AddressBook table. The AddressBook table is provided for your convenience, so that you can link information about members with other data in your application if you desire.
  A System folder. This folder contains an Export folder, where exported versions of your web application are stored; a Log folder, where an error log is maintained; and a SystemPages folder, where the administrative pages for your application are stored.
  A Themes folder. This folder contains a default template named template.view. This template provides a central navigation scheme for your web application and lends a consistent look and feel to all of your pages. This folder also contains a cascading style sheet named default.css, which provides the underlying style for the template. 
  A default.view file. By default, this is the page that's displayed to a visitor when they enter the address for your web application into their browser (assuming you've given them the security privileges to see it). You'll most likely want to customize this page for the users of your web application. Think of the default.view file as the index.html file for your application.

The first page you see in the DataWeb Designer is the Start page. This page provides a starting point for working with your new web application and getting to know the DataWeb Designer.
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