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DataWeb User's Guide

Create a New Application
To create a new web application, log on to Dataweb. Visit the My Applications page and select Create New Application.

Decide How to Create Your Web Application
Next, specify whether you want to create your new application from scratch or from existing data, or whether you want to create it from a DataWeb application archive. If this is your first time working with the DataWeb Platform, you'll probably want to create your web application from scratch or from existing data.

Choose a Name for Your Web Application
Next, enter a name for your web application. The name that you specify, together with the domain that is provided for you, make up the unique address of your application. If you're creating your application on a Dataweb domain, the domain portion of the address will be "".

You can change the domain portion of the application's address later, if you have privileges to create applications on another domain that's hosted by Dataweb. Dataweb can host your own domain using a name that you select, such as "". If you are logged into your own domain, the domain portion of the new application's address will be your domain name. For example, you can create a web application named "www" whose full address would be

Select a Theme
After you name your web application, you'll be prompted to select a theme. The theme that you choose determines how the default template for your web application will look. The default template is a framework for displaying other pages in your application. By using the default template you can lend the other pages of your web application a shared design and a common navigation bar. It's the glue that turns a set of disparate pages into a cohesive web application.

The theme that you select provides pre-defined styles to make your pages look professional, without lots of additional design work. Of course, you can modify your pages later however you wish.

Create a Table
After you've chosen a theme, select a data source to create the first table in your new web application (you can create more tables later). You have the following options:

  • Create a new table: You can create a new table from scratch and specify the fields it should contain.
  • Import a text file: You can import data in a comma-separated values file into a new table.
  • Import an Access database: You can import all of the tables in an existing Access database into your web application.
  • Import an Excel worksheet: You can import data from an Excel worksheet into a new table.
  • Don't create any tables at this time: If you don't want to create a table at this point, select this option. You can always create tables later from within the DataWeb Designer.

View or Modify Your Application
Finally, you can choose to either view your web application as visitors to the site would view it, or you can choose to modify your application further. If you choose to modify your application you will taken to the DataWeb Designer, a graphical environment for customizing your web application.

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