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Using the Calendar Module
If you create a new calendar component using the calendar module, you can modify the following settings for the component:

Property Description
Table Name The table the calendar is based on.
Start Date Field Field specifying the start date and (optionally) the start time.
End Date Field Field specifying the end date and (optionally) the end time.
Display Field The label for each event in month view of the calendar.
Path to default.view Specifies which view to use for Insert and Details mode. To customize how the calendar component behaves in either of these modes, customize this view.
Additional filter on records An optional filter that will be applied to the table.
Starting year for year dropdown First year to be displayed in the calendar's navigation bar.
Entries in year dropdown Number of years displayed in navigation bar.
Min Width of Month View Width in pixels of the calendar component.
Max Number of Appointments/Day Number of appointments to show per day (month view).
Show Navigation Bar Turn on/off the calendar's navigation bar

Troubleshooting the Calendar Module

If you create a new calendar component using the calendar module, and you insert that component into a view, you may need to set some properties to make the date picker work correctly. The date picker component consists of the calendar pop-up and time drop-down that users can use to easily select dates and enter date data.

Follow these steps to make the date picker work correctly in an included view:

  1. Display the view that contains the calendar component in the DataWeb Designer.
  2. Select the calendar component.
  3. Set the Include Id property for the calendar component. You can give it a text name to identify it (e.g., "cal1").
  4. Navigate to your calendar component, in the Components directory of the wsCalendar folder.
  5. Check the value of the Path to default view property.
  6. Navigate to the view that is identified by this property (e.g., "/wsCalendar/wsCalEvents/default.view").
  7. Click on each date picker component, and set the HTML Form Name property to the name you entered in Step 3, plus ".wsCalendar". This will specify the name for the date picker's HTML form. For example, if you set the Include Id property to "cal1", you would set the HTML Form Name property to "cal1.wsCalendar". Note that this property is case-sensitive. The "wsCalendar" part of the string identifies the data region that contains the date picker component.

Using the DatePicker Component

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