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DataWeb User's Guide

Account Management
You can view the details of your DataWeb account on the My Account page. Navigate to the My Webs page, then click on the My Account tab. Unsubscribing from a Web Application

To unsubscribe from a web application of which you are a member, navigate to the My Webs page, and click Unsubscribe. Select the web or webs of which you no longer wish to be a member.

When you unsubscribe from a web, your user name and email address are removed from the Members tab and the AddressBook of the web. The web from which you unsubscribe will no longer appear on your My Webs page. You cannot unsubscribe from a web that you own, but you can delete it.

Terminating Your DataWeb Account

To terminate your DataWeb account, please send mail to requesting that your account be deactivated. Note that unsubscribing from a web or webs does not terminate your own billing account with DataWeb.

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